Meet Lester - new to the Orsom family

Rugged, tangy & sweet - meet Lester


After a long day out on the Cheshire plains riding his trusty horse, his rugged-featured face cold and weathered from the brisk wind and overhead sun, he says 'farewell' to his old friends and returns to his country home - welcomed by a burning log fire, his loyal spaniel & a glass of his favourite pint of bitter...

To onlookers, Lester is a firm, rugged fellow - strong & sharp - but underneath many know him as sweet, zesty character who has aged well - and one who could even be described as a little nutty.

You may even have been lucky enough to have met Lester this summer.  He's been at the Nantwich Show back in July, in August took a road trip in his classic car to take in the sights and sounds of CarFest North at Bolesworth Castle and CarFest South at Laverstoke Park Farm - and then returned to his home town for the Nantwich Food & Drink Festival in September.

And now this week he's available to pick up online at the Orsom shop - featuring by himself and also alongside the other members of the Orsom family in all-new THE ORSOM THREE and THE ORSOM 4-SOM cheese boxes too.

cheese boxes

So, if Lester - the a rugged, strong, sweet & tangy aged Red Leicester cheese takes your fancy, take a closer look here.